Dress Registry

Don't Be Caught Wearing The Same Dress.  Register Your School Today!

Don't want to be twinsies?  We only sell one of a style per school event.  Register your school now!


How It Works

When you register your school in our database, we will not sell the exact same dress to anyone else who chooses your event.*   


How To Check If An Item Is Available For Your Event

  • Go to the item page you are interested in.

  • Pick your favorite color.

  • Pick your school.

  • Scroll down the page, if the add to cart button appears, the dress is available for your school!


What If I Don't See My School

Submit your school using the form below.  

It can take up to 24 hours for your school to be updated in our system.

*We will only sell 1 of a style, per color, per school, per event.